Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

PHP and MySQL together make an invincible pair in development technology. The way programs were built and the entire work was carried off in the sphere of web and app development has transited to a totally different counterpart with the advent of the open source, and more specifically PHP 5.4 which is the apparently latest version. It offers the developer with totally a different sight of development practices and allows a set of developers to build large applications, working together in consensus in a handy and effective manner.

PHP 5.4 is best known open-source scripting language that allows one to apply the codes in a handy and effectual manner to build dynamic server-side applications. In that reference, MySQL 5.6 is the latest version of the eminent open source database server series from Oracle that is commonly used in combination with PHP scripts to create vast application, most of them that you normally see across these days.


Cake PHP

Since its inception, CakePHP has made a great impact on the way developers approached programming concepts. Inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework, it made it highly easy the way developers approach Open Source application development.


The best way to describe CodeIgniter is ‘buzz of the hour’. Its one of the most sought after frameworks in Open Source Development in the world today that provides a planned system to build dynamic websites using PHP


Rich-featured yii Framework is one of the most celebrated apps development frameworks in the PHP. With yii one can easily develop ingenious Web 2.0 applications using the high-performance facilities provided by the framework. A yii Framework expertise finds you the mark of a conventional coder and gives you the sharp edge in field of PHP development.


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we help convert browsers into buyers who come back for more, From look and feel to simple navigation

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