Mobile, Gaming or Business - every aspect of design is received with much responsiveness and richness with HTML 5. You can call it a new opening to the world of web and graphic designing – that interpret and present your ideas with the definition that is valuable to the new age men and machines.

Officially the 5th version of the standard HTML – HTML 5 supports high performance, builds relevant structures and brings substantial benefits to the designing stream.

HTML 5 provides powerful API support to extensive file integration and access. It offers seamless connectivity for real-time access and better communication. With advanced updates like canvas element and Web GL HTML 5 supports great graphics without limiting its dependence on CSS and JavaScript. In addition to that HTML 5 adds many syntactic features to its design lobby – making is highly functional and resourceful in producing advanced web designs.
At iSkylar Technologies, HTML 5 has been applied for creating highly value-driven deigns for ranging user needs. HTML 5 Development at Octal has gained great reviews from our clients by developing solutions that perfectly meet their rich multimedia graphic needs – supporting innovative and engaging web propositions.

Our HTML 5 Developers have delivers solutions that have been easy-to-interpret by users, stand good with search engines and supports web browsers compliantly. We have positioned their needs of web design to a different level with our extensive expertise and ever-growing profound knowledge in HTML 5.


  • Effective connectivity
  • Asynchronously read files
  • Powerful APIs
  • Immediate bulk storage capacity
  • HTML's new template tags and media elements
  • Advanced audio and video support
  • Leveraging 3D graphics support
  • CSS3 based rich application
  • Consistent and flawless performance

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