Our Training Programs

At iSkylar we set the scene for profound experiences. Our work brings together professionals and/or students from around the country to share cultures, exchange ideas, deepen understanding, and spread knowledge. The programs we offer include a wide range of topics: from creating beautiful web experience to exploring big IT applications, from business knowledge to promoting indigenous arts. With their new-found knowledge and their experience of dynamic engagement, our participants return to their places enriched by their exchange, and re-charged by new and challenging ideas. In their own words it is "an experience of a lifetime.

Our Features

Industry Oriented

Curriculum designed along with large National Industry Partners + Guest speakers from Harvard University to Industry Partners.

Leadership Skills Development

We are passionate about the power of good leadership and management to transform people and organisations. We believe that, with the right training and development, everyone can be a better leader and manager..

One-on-One Training

We believe in one to one training and so we follow this practice, we understand it is very hard to manage a class of n number of students for us and deliverables are always messy for both, delivering and receiving end

Advance Technology

We always prefer working on advance technologies and we do follow this in our training programs.

Live Project Experience

Trainees will work on live projects as a part of the training program. 90% of each course involves "Learning by Doing" using state-of-the-art computers for performing hands-on exercises and real-world simulations..

Soft-skills Development

Strong Soft Skills, Client Handling skills, Personality development skills, working in teams, presentation & communication skills.

Assured Paid Work Experience

We will provide assured paid work experience certificates to our each and every trainee after successfully completion of the training.

And much, much more...

If you felt like you just read a lot it, it’s because we do a lot, Let's meet our a cup of coffee to discuss in detail.