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In today’s era, the final benchmark that spots the skills, expertise, and real-world knowledge of a cloud specialist is Salesforce Certification. So, are you an Administrator who makes Salesforce up and running smoothly, or a Developer who develops new applications to customize and enhance its capabilities?

Well, whatever you are, a Marketing Specialist or an Implementation Expert or an Architect, you need the Salesforce Certification to achieve your goals.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It assists us in sales, marketing, service, and IT teamwork, and commerce, from anywhere, to keep our customers happy. Salesforce unites sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT teams from anywhere with Customer 360, which is an integrated CRM platform that empowers our whole suite of connected applications.

In the industry, Salesforce is the most talked about for its career opportunities and advancements. The increasing number of Consultants, Administrators, Marketers, and Developers are in demand along with constant growth in new contracts and customers every day. It is now counted as a mature career that is quite demanding in almost all aspects.

Why getting Salesforce Certified is necessary?

The certification is a way to show that you have an understanding of specific areas of salesforce. Salesforce covers so much functionality, certification can help to organize your learning efforts, which would be difficult without a structure. Each certification has a study guide that lists the topics that will be covered. So, it gives you an objective and target for your study.

Salesforce offers several different certifications focusing on different areas of the solution. The roles of Salesforce ranges from the technical experts (developers, architects, implementation professionals) to those who are related to sales and marketing. Let’s now check out the benefits of Salesforce certification.

  • You will Get Extensive Knowledge of Field/Domain

With a Salesforce certification, you will get deep knowledge of Salesforce, which will assist you in improving your insights in customer relations and sales. Moreover, as you will go deeper to know Salesforce more, you will get introduced to its various tools that might be new to you even if you think of yourself as an expert in the same field.

  • You Will Gain Experience with Real-Life Situations

The training courses that are relevant to Salesforce Certification offer you hands-on experience. They also have a lot of material about industry-related live projects, real-life situations-based case studies, and scenarios that will assist you in learning practically a lot. You can expect about 12-hour devotion for live projects training, and 20 hours of in-class practice post getting enrolled for a Salesforce Certification.

  • Improve Your Analytical Skills

With a Salesforce certification, you will get an enhanced understanding of sales trends as you will get detailed and customized insights into the trends.

  • You will be able to Optimize the Implementation Faster

Because of not having a functional and solid plan for optimizing the sales force, many companies have faced an issue while using it. Even post they decide to implement it. This doesn’t lead to full usage of the platform as per its potential. You miss a huge part of the functionality of this platform. If you have a Salesforce Certification, then you will surely assist your company in customizing and optimizing Salesforce, advising, and leading your managers.

  • Employers Prefer the One with Certification

Salesforce job descriptions point out that Salesforce Certification is mandatory. In today’s era, the job market of Salesforce is at its rapid pace. Which states that various applicants are trying hard to grab even a single position. So, here the certification assists in filtering the potential candidates.

  • Certification Will Communicate Your Expertise

Salesforce certification showcases your potential, as well as, your current employers that you hold the calibre to handle the jobs and have the required stuff. There exist some competencies also that are needed to qualify for every certification, and the exam revealing that you understand and know such competencies.

How to study for the Certification Exam?

Salesforce provides a study guide for each exam and some guidelines on what material to be familiar with. The study guide is very useful as it lists the topics that you should know. It also tells you the weighting of the topic, so you know where to focus your efforts. Make sure you know all of the topics in the study guide well. Salesforce covers so much functionality, it is likely that even if you have worked with Salesforce for some time. You haven’t used some of the features that are covered in the exam. In that case, get familiar with the facts, but also try to use the functionality yourself in a trial or test org.


So, if you already have a Salesforce certification, and hold deep knowledge, then you will get various opportunities to progress. But, if you don’t have yet, you are stopping your career to fly high in the sky of success. And this post might have answered your question about how to get salesforce certification. So, it’s time to evaluate your proficiency and pick the appropriate Salesforce certification that may assist you in boosting your career.

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