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In the growing world of technology, there is no shortage of different and better upgrades to human life one of them is a Chabot. A chatbot is a software application vividly used to conduct an online one-on-one chat via text or speech to make human interaction better. It’s specially designed to stimulate the way a human will communicate, known as online robots which, will talk to you like a human and help you get along your way on the website.

Building a powerful Client Retention Management (CRM) takes a lot of time and effort. Chatbot helps you to scale up your business cycle and also manages the CRM routine like a professional. As AI powers it, it comprehends the language unmistakably and replies to the opposite person just as if a real person is talking to you and quickly collects all the data you need from your future or existing customers.

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework platform helps you to build, connect, publish, and manage chatbots, which are smart and interactive to give the best user experience. It comes with active learning. You can use pre-existing, pre-built models to interact with your users on Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Kik, your website and more… You can integrate your bot with Microsoft Cognitive Services to solve a real business problem. Microsoft Bot Framework let you turn your ideas into a reality. is an open-source chatbot framework and it was acquired by Facebook in 2015. As it is open-source, you can browse through the existing bots and apps built on to get started as many of them are open to the public. Its API is well documented to get started even for beginners. It is the best option if you want to deploy your bot on Facebook Messenger as its deployment over there is fairly easy. The NLP engine in the AI chatbot framework is the strongest in comparison to other big competitors like Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. It has integration with different channels like Website, Mobile App, Slack, Wearable devices, home automation etc.


Built text or voice-based conversational interfaces for your bots and application. Dialogflow is powered by Google’s machine learning, which is used to connect to users on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Mobile apps, Messenger, websites, Slack, Twitter, and more. It runs on the Google Cloud Platform and ready to scale to serve hundreds of million users. Dialogflow is user-friendly, supports 20+ languages, and probably the best framework to develop NLP-based applications. You can use Node.js SDK for the fulfilment and the following to detect intent and agent API: PHP, Go, Java (Maven), Ruby (Gem), Python, C# and Node.js.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is built on a neural network of one billion Wikipedia words and is apt in communicating with bot users. It uses machine learning to respond to natural language input on platforms like mobile devices, websites, robots, and messaging applications. Watson Assistant helps you to build a chatbot for your business quickly. It can started for FREE with 10,000 API calls every month. IBM supports 13 languages. It provides SDK for the developers to build applications around Watson Assistant. You can use SDKs in Java, Python, iOS. IBM offers free, standard, and premium plans.


Botpress is a dual-license open-source bots development platform for developing bots in the same way that WordPress is a development platform for developing websites. The best part of Botpress is it provides UI where developers and non-technical people can manage the chatbots after the deployment. The developers can fully customize the chatbot – add business logic or integrate the 3rd party APIs etc. Botpress is a good choice if your client wants to manage the chatbot contents by non-technical people after the deployment. With Botpress you can deploy a chatbot on Facebook, Slack, Telegram, BotFramework, Twilio, Web. Botpress is available under both the AGPL license and the Botpress Proprietary License.


Botkit is an open-source chatbot framework, recently acquired by Microsoft. It is the leading developer tool for building chatbots, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. helps you build your bot with the help of a visual conversation builder and allows you to add plugins as per your needs. It works on a natural language processing engine from plus includes open source libraries. It also provides a web chat plugin that you can embed on any websites. With BotKit, you have to host the chatbot on your server. BotKit used with all the major NLP platforms. It works and integrates with the following platforms: Slack, Cisco Spark, Microsoft, Twilio, IBM Watson, Facebook,, Glitch and Heroku.

Rasa Stack

Rasa is an open-source framework. It has two major components Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. It is responsible for natural language understanding. RS is a framework for building a conversational chatbot. It allows more sophisticated dialogue, trained using interactive and supervised machine learning. Rasa is production-ready and used in large companies everywhere. Rasa core support Facebook Messenger, Rocket.Chat, Slack, Telegram, Twilio. It is available under two license. Rasa NLU and Rasa Core are open sources. Rasa Platform extends the open-source Rasa NLU and Rasa Core libraries. With APIs, a graphical user interface, and a customer success program that includes enterprise-grade support.

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