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We are evolving our life into digital era. There’s no denying that 21st century is indeed a digital era and to build an application in this era and that too from the scratch you need a software stack that is both standardized and consistent. In this era developers are in search of cutting-edge technologies and tools to assure faster and accurate web development processes.

What is MEAN ?

MEAN is a JavaScript software stack that developers use to build an application and dynamic websites. It is free and open source; it is a collection of user-friendly JavaScript frameworks.

MEAN is an acronym and here is what every letter means:

M- MongoDB – It is a Database management system that is used by MEAN Stack framework.

E- Express.JS – It is a powerful framework that hosts as well as assists Node.js projects.

A- Angular.JS – It is an Open-Source framework which takes care of frontend development, in order to develop interactive web pages.

N- Node.JS – It acts as a backbone and Ensures excellent backend services and boosts the app performance by 50%.

Why to learn MEAN Stack?

Here are the features of MEAN stack which sheds light on why every developer must learn MEAN.

  • Most of the websites and applications run on JavaScript. The MEAN stack uses only this language for running.
  • MEAN allows the developer to work in a unique execution environment for their server-side and client-side. In simple terms, they can use and write a single code from the server to the client side.
  • MEAN supports the MVC model.
  • MEAN provides the best database and web development frameworks in a single package. It helps developers to create robust, modern, fast and easy to maintain websites and applications.
  • It offers huge employment opportunities for beginners as well as experts developers of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

Some of the popular websites which are using MEAN stack are Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, Walmart, PayPal, and Yahoo

Why you should choose MEAN stack?

1. Cost Effective

MEAN.JS is an open-source full-stack JavaScript framework and is composed of free to use features. Hence, any project which uses this framework is benefited with low cost and expenses during the entire development process. In addition to this, JavaScript facilitates the developers by offering code sharing features that automatically cuts down the total development time and cost which makes it cost effective.

2. Highly Flexible

It is flexible as you can develop, test and deploy the app easily without any issues. It lets the developer add extra data even after they have added a field to the form. MongoDB takes care of this by providing full cluster support and automatic replication.

3. High speed and reusability

MEAN stack development is high in speed and reusable due to the non-blocking architecture of Node.js.

Moreover, with Angular JS, this is an open-source JavaScript framework offers Testability, Reusability, and Maintenance.


JSON is omnipresent in MEAN stack development. Angular and Node.js frameworks both offer JSON. MongoDB, on the other hand, is a database framework that offers to store all the data in JSON format.

JSON is also used by the Express JS framework. The use of JSON throughout MEAN Stack development facilitates the smooth data flow without any rewriting and reformatting to the different layers.

5. Single language usage

MEAN stack development is that the complete code for the development takes place in JavaScript.

It includes development from client-side to server-ride. This could well turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the MEAN stack developers who are learning the language from the scratch.

6. Excellent performance

Node.js, the heart of the MEAN stack, is known for its outstanding performance. According to a number of benchmarks, the technology outperforms a number of other backend programming languages, including PHP, Python, and Ruby.

7. Faster MVP development and high scalability

As MEAN stack offers a lot of additional frameworks, libraries and reusable code modules within the stack, you can easily build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a short span of time. This helps you start as soon as possible, where you can get due feedback and scale as per the customer’s feedback response.

MEAN stack is highly scalable, that suits the requirement of a modern-day enterprise that thrives on the idea of accelerated growth.

8. Open-Source Nature

Being open-source in nature, MEAN Stack technologies are frequently updated for the benefit of developers.

9. Massive libraries

MEAN Stack Development Server Provider comprises a huge library of JavaScript Modules which provides great assistance to the developers. As these libraries offer per-defined outputs, it prevents the developers from writing long codes to obtain certain outputs. These libraries are very fast and guarantee the correctness of the entire code. In simple words, libraries save the efforts of the developer and boost the speed of the entire development process.

10. Presence of Node.JS

NodeJS Development offers an extensible support to code the backend on your application, which is far better than the backend of traditional web applications. This technology operates on a non-blocking input-output terminal that uses web sockets in order to transfer data and information to the client’s end without seeking the request from the clients

11.Ease of Debugging

As MEAN Stack features the use of a single language to work with across layers, it is easier to trace the execution thread. Developers can watch how the data gets manipulated and debug the flow with a consistent set of free open-source tools.


There remains no doubt that MEAN stack is a best choice when it comes to developing a dynamic and highly visited web application and it continues to improve day by day. Most of the leading web and mobile app development companies are extensively using MEAN stack technologies to deliver cutting-edge web and mobile applications.

If you want to develop any application or website with MEAN stack technology then you can contact iSkylar Technologies.

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