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The IT sector is all about drastic shifts and technological development. Each day a new opportunity emerges. The development of a flight booking app is the new sensation in the town. The competition in the airline industry is tough. As today’s customers enjoy access to tons of options to book trips. Mobile applications for flight booking is playing a key role for traditional travel agents. Flight booking apps like MakeMyTrip,, goibibo, TripAdvisor, etc. have already gained huge success in the same stream.

Now, if you are willing to setup your Flight booking application, you have to be packed with all the required attributes and have some unique qualities to stand out in this highly competitive market space.

What is a Flight Booking App?

Now, you can travel all over the world in your way with Flight Booking apps. Starting from your booking, boarding, to easy handling your travel, get a hassle-free experience. Be it general or advanced features, like one-tap check-in, booking details, special deals, and more, everything is now at your fingertips. The platform for your cell phone used to book tickets for travelling via a Flight is a Flight booking app.

Benefits of a Flight Booking App

Using Flight Booking Apps you can plan your seamless travel and book your flight tickets online. Such scalable apps make it easy for users to organize their trips in a time-saving and cost-effective way. Let’s know a few more benefits of Flight Booking Apps:

  • Easy to Book Tickets – They have a user-friendly interface. It will help in easy and quick to browse and book flights.
  • Early Check-Ins – The flight ticket booking apps come with an early check-in feature which assists in saving time that’s consumed in performing formalities and document verification. All such jobs are done on the app itself, thereby, saving a lot of time.
  • 24*7 Customer Support – It always offer round-the-clock customer support to make their flight booking job easy and smooth and resolve the issues that interfere with their booking process.
  • Saves Time – Traditional flight booking system demands a lot of time, the flight booking apps have appeared like a blessing to the customers, as now they can book their flights from anywhere, at any time, and with much ease.
  • Changes and Cancellations – It’s quite easier to change the flights or can cancel just by a single tap through online ticket booking apps.
  • Easy Refunds after the Cancellation – It provides easy refunds at the time of cancelling your flights.

Technology Stack for Flight Booking App Development

Front End

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Android & iOS
  • ReactJS
  • Flutter
  • AngularJS

Back End

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • NewCore
  • PHP
  • Postgres

Business Models for a Flight Booking App

There are two types of business models in a flight booking app. Let’s check them out below:

  • Dedicated Model – This model is popular among the top airlines. The airlines connect directly with their travellers through their apps and allow flight booking directly on their mobile phones. Almost all airlines now boast their flight booking apps.
  • Aggregator Model – This model is having complete list of airlines which have various specialities, categories, and prices that will be listed. After selecting a particular flight, the user will redirected to the respective platform from where the payment is made. This type of app model are widely avaibale and used in the markets.

Major Characteristics of a Flight Booking App

  • Quick Signing-Up – The first step will come as the Sign-Up after you will start entering into the app. Customers will login the application Flawless application development is there. This process should remain as easy as possible and must not involve complexities.
  • Flight Schedules – This feature will give your passengers the schedules of the flights that are available to their destination place on their preferred travel date. Some apps will offer domestic and International flights same time. This can be a troublesome situation and you can lose a substantial amount of business.
  • Flight Status & Live-Flight Tracking – After booking the flight, you can check its status it is confirmed or not. The Live-Flight tracking feature should be there in flight booking app as with live flight status, the users can easily know their flight timings, any changes, or delays.
  • Trusted Payment Gateways – At the time of booking it directly tells upon the payment options. The payment gateways integrated with the apps are highly secure and trustworthy that your payment details remain as secure as possible. You will get all the payment options like Google-Pay, Paypal, Payzapp, etc. which are accepted everywhere and it is a personalized application.
  • Multi-Language Support – The login language set-up is the basic requirement. There should be no complexities. Any user can set their preferred language and change them as per the ease anytime.

Factors affecting the cost of a Flight Booking App

Let us check out the factors that may determine the cost of the app:

  • Application Design – It should always be there craft the best and an interactive design to offer good customer satisfaction. The customer demands affect the price of the mobile app development. The design is an important factor it provides usability and user experience. That’s why a good UI for a flight booking app will increase the development cost.
  • Application Platform – The price of flight booking app development relies on the type of platform you pick to make the app available for downloads. The iOS apps require less testing which saves a lot of time and thereby lowers down the development cost.
  • Dynamic Functionality – The flight booking app’s cost depends on distinct features that you want to append to your app. Appending the dynamic functionalities will push the cost of the development quite high. On the other , running with basic functionalities will come up with relatively less pricing.
  • Mobile Wallet – A mobile wallet app will be integrated with your app there will be smooth payment. Wallet integration will increase the cost of app development.


With the emerging market trends, online ticket booking apps provide a good chance for business growth. It gives an easy platform for each individual to get an easy access to a simple online flight booking facility. Flight Booking App Development is used by everyone who enjoyed naps or breaks from life now prefer travelling over resting at home.
Flight booking development has become the new segment for gaining great business revenues, business visibility, and brand value in a short span.

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